a pine marten story

"A tender sonnet of a film." Clare Murphy, Storyteller 

The story begins in the spring of 2020 when Frank has a chance encounter with an 'abandoned' pine marten kit on the cliffs above Kilkee, Co Clare, Ireland . With no idea how it got there he takes it home . 

 After a number of weeks feeding and care the pine marten moves on to professional wildlife rehabilitation on the other side of Ireland . 

"I loved this pine marten film. It's very sensitive." Dr Fran Giaquinto, Ecologist 

Step up Trea and Kevin of the Purecamping Nature Reserve back over on Loophead, Co Clare, who provide the young pine marten with a new home in woodland and wilding scrub . 

This film is about what happened next . 

"A lovely animal-human story, beautifully shot, a joy to watch." Marianne Du Toit, Adventurer

Told through a series of interviews with those involved, Sammy - A Pine Marten Story explores issues around our unravelling relationship with the natural world .

"Very cathartic. A lovely film." Aoife Mc Partlin, Education Officer WRI 

A story of nature being honest and always itself, despite our sometimes well intended ambition to make it otherwise .

"Lovely pace and genuineness to it. A film of its place." Paul Handrick, Bee Sanctuary of Ireland 

*Made over two years, this is an independent film, funded through Patreon supporters . All sales go towards repaying the production costs . And if we are lucky, towards making our next film .