I happened upon the television and film industry in 1993. Before that I made do in a variety of ways. Banking. Construction. Computing. Running a pub. Running away; England. Australia. America. Canada. Home again. Lecturing. Journalism. Sailing boats on the big blue sea.

The RTE Sport Department was my springboard into filmmaking and I am forever indebted to the late Tim O'Connor and the chance he took. Wild days. I went on to be trained as a director with the BBC. That was '98.

Remarkable jobs followed producing and directing across many genres. I got to collaborate with great people who didn't balk at my ambition to make mistakes while working on a slate of documentaries and films.

Now, I am collaborating with a community of supporters through Patreon to make the films we all want made. Films about the sea and the land and how we can all contribute to making these environments better places.

In 2021 I moved to West Clare where I live on 24 acres, Lios Úath Reserve . A tiny stamp of land for nature and what might naturally come there .