If filmmaking in a time of pandemic presents many challenges, opportunities arise too . So it is with my next film about a rescued pine marten released back into the wild . Filming was opportunistic, a benefit of being restricted to West Clare .

The story begins with Frank and a chance encounter with an 'abandoned' pine marten kit on the cliffs above Kilkee, Co Clare . With no idea how it got there Frank takes it home . After a few weeks feeding and care the pine marten moves on to a professional wildlife rehab centre . Our pine marten appears to thrive and in no time is ready to be released back into the wild . But where?

Step up Trea and Kevin of the Purecamping Nature Reserve in West Clare to provide the young pine marten with a new home of woodland and rewilding scrub . A den high up in a Scots pine is put in place . Not without good reason is the Irish for pine marten 'cat crainn' - tree cat .

Here the pine marten has a chance . This is what happened next .

Told through a series of interviews with those involved and experts in this field, Pine Marten explores what is possible when we work with nature . 

A story of the things we learn if we are open to learning . 

And a story of nature being honest and always itself despite our sometimes well intended ambition to make it otherwise .